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Our latest blog posting:

Do you own your domain name?

Does your domain name belong to you? Has it been registered correctly and why is this important? Find out why, and how to get it fixed.

Our latest FAQ posted:

Mail 'invalid certificate' message

If you are seeing an ‘invalid certificate’ message when receiving or sending email @ your domain name, just ‘ok’ it. If you want to know the reason, read this FAQ.

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New at Streets Ahead

Rebecca Jordan, Nutritional Therapist

We’re welcoming Rebecca to Streets Ahead. We were asked to help Rebecca update her Nutritional Therapy website, by urgently taking on the website hosting and management as her existing host was too slow responding to her requests. They messed up a DNS update, failed to give the correct FTP access to her site and even registered her domain name in their company name. In around a day, we moved her site, did her updates and fixed the domain name. We also converted the site to Perch, so that she can now keep the site updated herself.

Updated: 9 February 2015

Some new customers

Just in time for Christmas 2014, we completed a shop for Jessie Jones Jewellery. The whole site and shop is built with Perch CMS. Since then, we’ve worked on a relaunch of FOXY Lady Insurance. Take a look at the redesigned site and register for a free quote. Finally, in the last few days ago, we’ve taken over the hosting and sorted out the domain name registration of an existing site for East Preston Village Preschool. Always happy to help out our village local organisations! And now back to the work queued for the rest of this month …

Updated: 21 January 2015

We've started 2015 with an update

We are kicking off 2015 with some website updates – our own! Rarely do we have the time, but we’ve updated and enhanced several pages, tidied up a bit (an early spring clean) and we’ve now added a blog. Lots more pages are now under Perch control, allowing us to update the site more frequently. And the Blog and FAQ areas are done with Perch too.

Updated: 2 January 2015

The Little Sweet Shop, Steyning

The Little Sweet Shop is not so little. Step through the door and you will be amazed to see just how much is on offer. This is a veritable emporium showcasing traditional brands alongside specialist sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free chocolates, sweets and ice creams. Their ethos is to blend good old-fashioned traditional customer service with the latest products for your delight and delectation. Yet another Perch-developed site, from designs by Pixie Doodle Graphics. Visit the sweet shop at www.littlesweetshop.co.uk.

Updated: 28 October 2014

Rosemary Hufton, Textile Artist

Rosemary Hufton is a mixed media artist whose work is mainly constructed from recycled, reclaimed, vintage and surplus materials. We just completed her new website and she is delighted with the result. www.rosemaryhufton-textileartist.com – is an interactive portfolio of her work that you can explore and enjoy. The site was designed by Tracey Dowling of Kingfisher Design, and brought to life by Streets Ahead.

Updated: 10 September 2014

FOXY Lady Drivers improves life for female car buyers

We recently completed some major enhancements and redesigns to FOXY Choice for the FOXY Lady Drivers’ Club. As well as simplifying the searching, www.foxychoice.com now has a new FOXY Lady Approved network. This is for genuinely female friendly used car dealers and franchised new car dealerships, and is in addition to the existing garage and accident repairer networks already established.

Updated: 19 August 2014

Crawley CVS (behind the scenes)

This is a tale about the ease and satisfaction of using Perch!
We just finished replacing an ageing ‘home built’ CMS (Content Management System) that we wrote for the Crawley CVS site back in 2008. Faced with needing to bring that CMS up to date for latest PHP and MySQL standards, we opted to replace all the existing functionality with Perch templates instead.

We were already using Perch in some places on the site (and 20+ other sites we’ve recently built). With no significant code changes needed, we’ve now replaced all the old site administration. The site works just like it did before and their visitors don’t know anything has changed. Now the website owner can update far more of the site, all in one place, and with a few bonus features we’ve now given them. One happy customer (they love Perch) – and how great is Perch for retro-fitting CMS functionality. See for yourself at www.grabaperch.com.

Updated: 6 August 2014

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