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Our latest BLOG posting:

Domain renewal phone scam

Beware of scam phone calls, saying your domain name has expired and offering to get it back again so that its registered to you for life.

Our latest FAQ posted:

Mail 'invalid certificate' message

If you are seeing an ‘invalid certificate’ message when receiving or sending email @ your domain name, just ‘ok’ it. If you want to know the reason, read this FAQ.

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New at Streets Ahead

HAMSVA (a Perch Runway site)

HAMSVA are an independent charity, working across Horsham and Mid Sussex, supporting local voluntary organisations and community groups. They formed following the merger of three Councils for Voluntary Service in West Sussex. We used to run the website of one of those councils (MSSCVS) and it was a Perch site.

We built their new, larger, website for the newly merged organisation in Perch Runway – to allow us and them the greatest flexibility in growing, changing and managing the website. Special thanks to the team at Perch for their generous pricing on Perch Runway for charities – providing it at the cost of a normal Perch licence. And the staff at HAMSVA love how easy Perch continues to be to use.

Updated: 16 February 2017

Worthing Mencap (Buddys)

Worthing Mencap were referred to us, to take over their hosting and domain name. We were then ask to develop a new, friendly, responsive and mobile-friendly site that they could update and that would be easy for their audience to navigate. worthingmencap.org was designed by Jo at Pixiedoodle, and we developed their new website in Perch. First reaction from the customer to doing updates was ‘Its so easy and so instant!”.

Updated: 8 September 2016

2015/2016 - new websites

Here’s a summary of what we’ve been up to for the past (almost) twelve months. There’s always the ongoing developments for a large number of our customers, but we’ve also developed and updated many sites too. There are new websites for four of our customers and we’ve also taken on the hosting of more sites (often let down by existing hosts). All new developments are now ‘responsive’ or ‘mobile-friendly’ as this is now our default unless the customer chooses differently. We’ve created four responsive websites in the past few months. Here’s more detail on the work we’ve been doing.

Updated: 5 July 2016

Responsive website for Relocation Unlimited

Relocation Unlimited is an award winning relocation specialist that has been helping people move to or within the UK for 30 years. An existing customer whose initial website was created by us in 2008. This new, modern website has expanded to provide more testimonials, more information, case studies and showcases all their awards.

This is our first fully responsive website that adapts to modern mobile and tablet technology, as well as continuing to work well on desktop computers. Several more are going live in the coming weeks. The website is built around Perch CMS so that the customer can easily maintain all the website content.

Updated: 9 July 2015

Passionate 4 Flowers

We were asked to build a new site (replacing an old WordPress site) by a new customer to us. Katherine Stayt leads Passionate 4 Flowers – a creative florist based at a Workshop Studio near Chichester, West Sussex. She chose Jo Greenlees (Pixie Doodle) to refresh all the design and graphics, and we were asked to build and host the site.

passionate4flowers.co.uk has been built with Perch CMS, and Katherine very quickly mastered using this to maintain her site content. The site recently went live and a mobile version will follow quite soon.

Katherine has already told us … “So good to know the site is in such safe hands! I’m so pleased with the feedback I’ve had and it has been great talking clients through the site to see the images I think would suit their requirements. One happy customer!!”

Updated: 30 April 2015

Some new customers

We’ve worked on a relaunch of FOXY Lady Insurance. Take a look at the redesigned site and register for a free quote. In the last few days ago, we’ve taken over the hosting and sorted out the domain name registration of an existing site for East Preston Village Preschool. Always happy to help out our village local organisations! And now back to the work queued for the rest of this month …

Updated: 21 January 2015

We've started 2015 with an update

We are kicking off 2015 with some website updates – our own! Rarely do we have the time, but we’ve updated and enhanced several pages, tidied up a bit (an early spring clean) and we’ve now added a blog. Lots more pages are now under Perch control, allowing us to update the site more frequently. And the Blog and FAQ areas are done with Perch too.

Updated: 2 January 2015

Visit our ARCHIVE NEWS page for some of our older news and updates.

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