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Blog Posts and FAQs for 2014


Basic checks on a company on the Net

Here are some basic checks and suggestions that can help you from being ‘conned’ or ‘mugged’ by that unexpected email from an unknown company that just arrived.

Phone call-screening

In May 2013 we successfully installed a TrueCall call-screening and call-blocking service to combat the junk phone calls.

Our new Blog at Streets Ahead

We’ve now decided to start a separate blog on our main streets-ahead.com website and we’ve moved all the FAQs to it as well. It gives us a better opportunity to write business-related information, and it keeps all the ‘status’ info separated.

FTP to our servers

If you cannot connect to your website via FTP, you may be blocked by the security protecting our servers. Please read this FAQ to understand what to do next.

Setting up an iPhone to send/receive email

As we recently had to provide step-by-step instructions for a customer, we thought we’d repeat them here. This information is current for September 2014 and might change for subsequent releases of the iOS operating system.

Domain renewals (beware of renewal scams)

Domain registration information is available publicly. Because of this, you may get domain renewal letters from companies you’ve never heard of – warning that your domains are going to expire and that you should renew with them.