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If you can’t SEND emails from your laptop, iPhone, iPad (etc) you may have set up your device incorrectly for mail on our servers. Read this FAQ for troubleshooting information.

If you can't send emails

Created/Updated: by Graham Street

If you can’t SEND emails from your laptop, iPhone, iPad (etc)

Check our server status blog at http://sa-servers.com. The certificate may be the problem, IF you are using a secure port and we have recently updated the server certificates.

Check that you have switched on SMTP authentication. In order to send emails, you must authenticate with your mail username and password. Its the same values you use when picking up your emails via POP or IMAP.

Check the port value of the SMTP setting in your email package. If the TLS box or ‘secure email’ box is ticked then you are sending secure email. Ensure that the sending port is set to 465. If not, then this could be your problem.

Assuming your email setup is ‘non secure’ (and that’s fine) the port setting should be a non-secure port. The port will probably be set to the value of 25. If so, there’s a chance that you are on a private wifi network and it is blocking that port to stop you sending emails via a mail server other than theirs. If so, set the port value to 26 and try sending again. The wifi you are on may not block port 26.

If that doesn’t work, check the box ‘TLS’ and/or the ‘secure email’ box (it depends on your email package). The port should change to 465. If not, manually change it to that value. Then try sending now. They are unlikely to block a secure email sending port and that might work.

The port we have been referring to is for SMTP and is just for sending email. The default port for collecting email is either POP (110) or IMAP (143). Just for completeness, if you are using secure mail for collecting your email, then the secure POP port is 995 and the secure IMAP port is 993.



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