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Are you getting emails offering to defend your brand identity by giving you the chance to register specific Chinese domain names? Read this FAQ for advice.

Chinese domain name scams

Created/Updated: by Graham Street

Beware of domain name scams from Chinese companies, pretending to be defending your brand identity.

The emails come from companies (nearly always in China) who have supposedly been approached by someone to register your brand name with chinese domain extensions (like ‘.cn’). They claim to be stalling on that application, so they have time to contact you. The plan is to get you to register the name(s) instead, and for a long period of years.

Unless you really want Chinese domain variants, just ignore these emails. If you actually want Chinese domain names, we can register them for you – but no-one has really wanted or needed one yet.

If in doubt, search Google for ‘chinese domain name scam’ and you’ll get more information about the scams and lots of different examples.



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