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If you cannot connect to your website via FTP, you may be blocked by the security protecting our servers. Please read this FAQ to understand what to do next.

FTP to our servers

Created/Updated: by Graham Street

Read this if you are unable to connect to our servers via FTP

During 2013, we tightened up the security for FTP users to stop malicious code being loaded by unknown persons. In April 2017, we migrated to a new server and reset all the whitelisted IP addresses.

If you have an FTP logon and regularly connect to update your website (or part of your website) we have already contacted you and whitelisted your IP address if its a static address. Your IP address is the location you have on the Internet and helps to identify who you are.

If you have an FTP logon but haven’t connected recently and do not have a static IP address, your IP address may have changed since we last whitelisted you and you will therefore need to contact us.

Why we need your IP address

In order to use FTP on our servers, your IP address needs to be whitelisted. If your IP address is not whitelisted, you will be unable to connect via FTP and the error will look like you have the username and/or password wrong.

There are two ways to get whitelisted and to be able to use FTP. If you have a static IP address, contact us and we will add it for you. If you have a dynamic IP address, you will need to contact us to discuss what’s easiest and best for you. If you regularly need to connect, you will have to give yourself access for a few hours using a procedure we will tell you about. If its not that regular, you can contact us each time and we will give you access for the necessary time you need. Either way, if you cannot get FTP access and you need it, you will need to contact us.

How to get your IP address

We will need your IP address. To get this, go to tools.dnsstuff.com and look near the top of the page.

FAQ originally created 20 April 2013 but updated in April 2017



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