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Archived news and updates from Streets Ahead, plus some advice and guidance on a range of topics. Be aware some links may be to old info/sites and may not now work. If you want to read our latest news and activities, visit the home page or follow us on Twitter.

Slightly Older News ...

The latest news is on our home page or you could visit our blog.

2015/2016 - new websites

Here’s a summary of what we’ve been up to for the past years. There’s always the ongoing developments for a large number of our customers, but we’ve also developed and updated many sites too. There are new websites for four of our customers and we’ve also taken on the hosting of more sites (often let down by existing hosts). All new developments are now ‘responsive’ or ‘mobile-friendly’ as this is now our default unless the customer chooses differently. We’ve created multiple responsive websites over the years. Here’s more detail on the work we’ve been doing since 2012.

Updated: 5 July 2016

Responsive website for Relocation Unlimited

Relocation Unlimited is an award winning relocation specialist that has been helping people move to or within the UK for 30 years. An existing customer whose initial website was created by us in 2008. This new, modern website has expanded to provide more testimonials, more information, case studies and showcases all their awards.

This is our first fully responsive website that adapts to modern mobile and tablet technology, as well as continuing to work well on desktop computers. Several more are going live in the coming weeks. The website is built around Perch CMS so that the customer can easily maintain all the website content.

Updated: 9 July 2015

Passionate 4 Flowers

We were asked to build a new site (replacing an old WordPress site) by a new customer to us. Katherine Stayt leads Passionate 4 Flowers – a creative florist based at a Workshop Studio near Chichester, West Sussex. She chose Jo Greenlees (Pixie Doodle) to refresh all the design and graphics, and we were asked to build and host the site.

passionate4flowers.co.uk has been built with Perch CMS, and Katherine very quickly mastered using this to maintain her site content. The site recently went live and a mobile version will follow quite soon.

Katherine has already told us … “So good to know the site is in such safe hands! I’m so pleased with the feedback I’ve had and it has been great talking clients through the site to see the images I think would suit their requirements. One happy customer!!”

Updated: 30 April 2015

Some new customers

In the last few days ago, we’ve taken over the hosting and sorted out the domain name registration of an existing site for East Preston Village Preschool. Always happy to help out our village local organisations! And now back to the work queued for the rest of this month …

Updated: 21 January 2015

We've started 2015 with an update

We are kicking off 2015 with some website updates – our own! Rarely do we have the time, but we’ve updated and enhanced several pages, tidied up a bit (an early spring clean) and we’ve now added a blog. Lots more pages are now under Perch control, allowing us to update the site more frequently. And the Blog and FAQ areas are done with Perch too.

Updated: 2 January 2015

Rosemary Hufton, Textile Artist

Rosemary Hufton is a mixed media artist whose work is mainly constructed from recycled, reclaimed, vintage and surplus materials. We just completed her new website and she is delighted with the result. www.rosemaryhufton-textileartist.com – is an interactive portfolio of her work that you can explore and enjoy. The site was designed by Tracey Dowling of Kingfisher Design, and brought to life by Streets Ahead.

Updated: 10 September 2014

FOXY Lady Drivers improves life for female car buyers

We recently completed some major enhancements and redesigns to FOXY Choice for the FOXY Lady Drivers’ Club. As well as simplifying the searching, www.foxychoice.com now has a new FOXY Lady Approved network. This is for genuinely female friendly used car dealers and franchised new car dealerships, and is in addition to the existing garage and accident repairer networks already established.

Updated: 19 August 2014

Crawley CVS (behind the scenes)

This is a tale about the ease and satisfaction of using Perch!
We just finished replacing an ageing ‘home built’ CMS (Content Management System) that we wrote for the Crawley CVS site back in 2008. Faced with needing to bring that CMS up to date for latest PHP and MySQL standards, we opted to replace all the existing functionality with Perch templates instead.

We were already using Perch in some places on the site (and 20+ other sites we’ve recently built). With no significant code changes needed, we’ve now replaced all the old site administration. The site works just like it did before and their visitors don’t know anything has changed. Now the website owner can update far more of the site, all in one place, and with a few bonus features we’ve now given them. One happy customer (they love Perch) – and how great is Perch for retro-fitting CMS functionality. See for yourself at www.grabaperch.com.

Updated: 6 August 2014

Littlehampton Child Contact Centre

Littlehampton Child Contact Centre is a safe, friendly and neutral place where the children of separated families are able to spend time with one or both parents, and even other family members. www.littlehamptonchildcontactcentre.org is a new website from the Streets Ahead team, from a design by Pixie Doodle Graphics.

Updated: 19 May 2014

Steph Savill - Personal Website

Steph Savill runs the FOXY websites that we develop and help manage for the FOXY organisation. Steph is a Chartered Marketer with a 30 year career in sales and marketing roles, including executive and non executive directorships in the travel, leisure and automotive industries.

Today Steph has launched her own website at www.stephsavill.co.uk, that we developed with Pixie Doodle. As with many of our sites, the content management is done with Perch.

An active member and Fellow of the Institute of the Motor Industry (FIMI), Steph sees that the industry is missing out on its share of the female talent needed to be a more welcoming shopping destination for women. Steph is on a mission to do something about this.

Updated: 6 September 2013

New sites - for Catering and Online Fabrics

Need affordable & delicious homemade food for a wedding, tea party, celebration? Or are you looking for an online fabric shop selling curtain fabrics, linings and tracks that also offers a bespoke curtain making service. You might like to visit the latest two new StreetDoodle sites – Custard Pie Catering and Fabric 4 Me (sorry, site closed in 2018).

We also have a new page showing a list of websites we’ve created for our happy customers in the past 2-3 years.

Updated: 4 September 2013

Streets Ahead and Perch

All our recent new sites and enhancements are based around Perch, our preferred Content Management System, which is rapidly becoming a favourite with our customers. Recently we got interviewed by Rachel Andrew for the Perch website, and then featured at ‘People love Perch’ and in their latest newsletter.

Updated: 12 July 2013

July 2013

Time for a quarterly update on our latest client activities. It seems to have been a ‘coaching’ quarter as we created and released two ‘coaching’ websites. One was for Emma Weatherstone, who is a Life, Health and Business Coach. We also launched a Independent Financial Advice website for Allfield Financial and enhanced the news area for FOXY Lady Drivers Club.

Updated: 8 July 2013

March 2013

FOXY is a female brand meaning savvy and discerning. During the last two months we completed a new website (FOXY Lady Insurance) for FOXY, aimed at introducing women to a FOXY Lady Approved female friendly insurance adviser with women’s best interests at heart and who will charge nothing for their specialist advice. We also enhanced the FOXY Choice website to add searches for female friendly accident repair centres – in addition to the existing MOT, service and repair garages that FOXY Choice has already been providing. Both website designs came from graphics designer Pixie Doodle, who we work with under the joint name of Street Doodle.

Updated: 1 March 2013

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