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Cancer Buddies Network is a registered charity that creates a haven where people living through similar cancer experiences can get together for friendship and support.

In January 2015, we handed over the control and hosting of the Cancer Buddies Network website to a new company. The old site needed a freshen up and the members area and forum needed updating to later software levels. We were unable to assist further in the website development, but we wish them well with the new site and hope they continue to grow.

This is the story of the website we built and ran for CBN for over 8 years ...

We were approached by Jan (the Cancer Buddies founder) in 2004 but we were unable to help at that time. A year later her plans were still on the drawing board and on discussing the matter again, we felt we were now able to help her build her dream. The website was created in 2006 and launched in August that year. The original website ran until 23 January 2015, when we were happy to assist them to move to their new website and hosting.

In late 2016, Cancer Buddies merged with Macmillan Group and the 2015 website was closed a few months later.