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FOXY Lady Drivers Club is a membership network providing motoring advice, vehicle checks, female-friendly services, an online members forum for feedback and moneysaving offers.

The FOXY Lady Drivers Club first contacted Streets Ahead several years ago. Together with Kingfisher Design, we then created the first FOXY website and members area.

Now a new design by Street Doodle (a collaboration of Streets Ahead and Pixie Doodle) has brought the FOXY Lady to life in April 2012, coinciding with the Club's transition to a 'not for profit' organisation with a much lower and lifetime subscription rate.

The new website includes advertising opportunities, a new content management system and has been designed to work alongside the FOXY Lady blog, Twitter and Facebook channels. Streets Ahead continues to work with FOXY on further planned developments for this and other websites in the coming months.

FOXY Lady Drivers websiteFOXY Lady Drivers website  

Visit www.foxyladydrivers.com