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FOXY Choice is a garage services website which identifies the latest industry signs of quality and promotes the best and female friendly UK garages and dealerships so women drivers can choose wisely at MOT, car servicing, repair and car buying times.

We worked for several months with the team behind the successful FOXY Lady Drivers Club and, some time ago, completed the first stage of the FOXY Choice website for them.

The site has full search capabilities to site visitors, and a sophisticated administration system used by the team to administer all the garages listed. In addition, the site contains a bespoke advertising system that was developed specifically for FOXY Choice. It allows advertisers to target advertising to specific pages on the site and to the search criteria input by visitors.

Since its original creation, the garage database has been extended to cover car repairers. Towards the end of 2014, the site was partially redesigned and further enhanced to provide searches for Female Friendly new and used car dealers.

Foxy Choice websiteFoxy Choice website  

Visit www.foxychoice.com