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In May 2013 we successfully installed a TrueCall call-screening and call-blocking service to combat the junk phone calls.

Phone call-screening

Created/Updated: by Graham Street

We have a telephone call-screening and call-blocking system installed at Streets Ahead. The service is called TrueCall (www.truecall.co.uk).

We had to resort to installing this to deal with the increased levels of spam calls, junk calls and PPI offers. We had it in test for a few weeks and ‘whitelisted’ a lot of the people who regularly call us. For the numbers we’ve already listed, you’ll be able to phone us and get straight through as normal.

If we have not whitelisted your number, the call will be intercepted automatically and you’ll be asked to identify yourself. The hardware then puts you on hold and notifies us. We will then whitelist you so you’ll get through automatically from then onwards.

It has been successfully stopping the ‘unavailable’ numbers, people offering to remove viruses from our computers, international recorded messages/offers, junk calls (and so on) since May 2013. As a bonus we get a full list of all the phone calls made and received.

We highly recommend the TrueCall service if you have similar problems with your phone.

Originally created: 20 May 2013



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