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Beware of scam emails from Domain SEO Service Registration Corp (or SEO Domain Registration Company) that look like domain renewals. They are looking for payment for a service you do not need.

Scam: Domain SEO Service Registration Corp

Created/Updated: by Graham Street

Beware of scam emails from Domain SEO Service Registration Corp that look like the sort of invoices you may get for your domain renewal. Read carefully and you’ll see they claim its not an invoice. However, it does contain links to make payments for a year’s search engine submission.

There is no such thing. There is no need to submit your website to the search engines. Its very likely that Google (and others) have already crawled your website – and indexed the pages too. So, there’s certainly no need to pay a company to submit your site for you.

We’ve seen several of these in the past weeks, for domain names we own. Therefore, you may have seen them too.

The payment link in the email points to a site at www.domainseor.com. The site is apparently an SEO and online marketing company based in Florida. The website footers show an address in Coconut Creek, FL 33073. The domain name is actually registered to an address in Zhuhai, China. The website is hosted in Hong Kong.

Its always worth checking out some of these details before believing the email you are reading. Take a look at our post about making basic checks on a company. If your domain name is registered through us, we renew it for you so don’t get fooled by emails offering to renew domains.

18 December 2016 – added this phone number – 1-716-980-9181 – for the scam to this article so that it comes up in search listings to bring people here and alert them that its a scam.

1 November 2015 – Very similar notices are now coming from a company called SEO Domain Registration Company. The payment link points to a domain of megaserviceregistration.com, which is registered in China. The inference is that this is a domain registration requirement or renewal. Unless you’re actually paying this company to do SEO work for you, its a scam. There is no fee for ‘search engine optimisation service’ from search engines, and domain renewals are done through your domain registrar, not a faceless scammer based in China.

22 January 2015 – Someone contacted recently, to thank us for alerting them to this scam. We’ve therefore decided to post a sample email, so that you can see what these look like and help you identify if you have the same thing.

If in doubt about any email like this you receive, contact us.



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