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We’ve had success getting rid of junkmail from ‘Mission Street’, ‘Expressway’ and ‘MarketHub’. We’d like to share this with you, plus recommend MailRoute.

Success in stopping spam mail

Created/Updated: by Graham Street

Until recently, we’ve been plagued by two specific types of spam. We were regularly getting junk from ‘news1200451556@eightyfoursixremarkablechances.com’ (and similar format email addresses) advertising a variety of services we didn’t need. All had mailing addresses on them like ’2020 S Mission Street’ or ’1545 N Expressway #111’. We were also getting lots of ‘compare’ junk from websites beginning with ‘markethub’ or ‘market-hub’. We eventually managed to track down the source of both of these and would like to share this with you.

Mission Street and Expressway spam

All the spam like this – news1200451556@eightyfoursixremarkablechances.com – was originating from partners using emails provided by Simply Media Publishing in London. We tracked them down from the occasional mention of their name in some of the emails. We phoned them and spoke to someone who knew it was happening and had received and handled similar complaints from others. They create the emails and their partners collate and manage mailing lists and run offers for the various companies. She offered to get all our email addresses removed. After a few days, they slowed a lot but had not stopped completely. We persevered and eventually they were completely stopped.

If you want to stop these emails, visit a new page they’ve set up at www.simplymediapublishing.com/unsubscribe.html or contact customercare@simplymediapublishing.com

Markethub spam

All the @markethub- emails were also originating from one place and we found several places where complaints were being discussed. Everything pointed to www.market-hub.co.uk and someone there who responds to contact. We called the 0845 900 5767 number (and withheld our number using 141) and spoke to someone, to get our email addresses off the list. This has worked and we’ve seen no more from them.

Suggest you try MailRoute

In the meantime, we’ve now subscribed to the MailRoute service (www.mailroute.net) and have routed all our email through it. This was eliminating all the above junk and everything else that was getting through. We’d really recommend MailRoute if you need better spam and junkmail protection.



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