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Beware of scam phone calls, saying your domain name has expired and offering to get it back again so that its registered to you for life.

Domain renewal phone scam

Created/Updated: by Graham Street

We just heard from one of our customers, who has been called to say their ‘co.uk’ domain name has expired. The caller was insistent, told our customers that lots of people were potentially trying to now register and use their (expired) domain name. The caller said they would be able to secure the domain name for £399 and the domain would then be theirs for life.

If you get such a call, please contact us and we’ll verify that its a scam. In nearly all cases, for our customers, we control (and manage and renew) your domain names. You should also note that there is no facility to register a domain name for life.

In this case our customer was very suspicious, because the caller was so insistent for immediate payment. Our customer then contacted us, and we could confirm it was indeed a scam. The domain name was renewed many months ago.



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